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iTap & Go - Fake Call On Demand

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iTap & Go allows you to tap and go… literally! iTap & Go is a unique fake call app that allows you to discreetly generate a call on demand. Wherever your iPhone is, a simple double-tap is all that’s required to make that suave and dignified exit.

This app is inspired by the dreaded collision of you and that boring colleague who sucks the life out of what might have been an otherwise perfect day. It can be a saviour in a party situation when stuck with that person whose monotone clichés supersedes your will to live. Thinking of the third floor window as a potential exit will be a thing of the past with iTap & Go.

  • Unique double-tap accelerometer technology – initiates a fake call on demand.
  • Adjust sensitivity of accelerometer to your needs
  • Fully customizable: caller’s name, number, photo and more…
  • Standard ringtones and the option to select a ringtone from your own music library.
  • Built in caller templates both male and female in 5 different languages.
  • Create your own greeting with a built-in voice recorder.
  • This is the most realistic, fully functional fake caller app on the market to date bar none (until we release an update).
  • For a sense of nostalgia you can still schedule fake calls in advance, the main feature of our predecessors; we only recommend this option for psychics!
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Platform is iphone
App category is Entertainment
Released on 15, November 2011
Created by Urika
Current version is 1.0

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