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O'Baby, Baby

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Search, View and Listen to Irish Baby Names

There is no better way of maintaining and reinforcing a link with your Irish heritage than to give your baby the gift of an Irish name. Recently, there has been a wonderful resurgence in the use of unusual sounding Irish baby names, but how do you pronounce these unfamiliar syllables, what do these Gaelic-rooted names mean and what are their English language equivalents. Use O’Baby Baby to find the perfect Irish name for your baby, learn about the meaning of the name and listen to its correct pronunciation. Get immediate access to a vast amount of Gaelic-rooted names, each name entry contains an insight into the meaning, origin and association with famous Irish figures over the last 10 centuries.
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Platform is iphone
App category is Reference
Released on 15, October 2009
Created by Tapadoo
Current version is 1.0

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