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MyGames List

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Do you play a lot of games? If so, let MyGames List keep track of your accomplishments.

MyGames List will provide you with your very own portable database to keep track of your gaming history. Now you can keep track of what games you are playing and have completed and which ones you have yet to complete.


  • Robust database to record an entry for every game your playing.
  • Record additional details for thorough record keeping.
  • Simple and intuitive interface for adding new records.
  • Easily distinguish between completed and unbeaten games.
  • Complete control over data with full delete and edit functions.
  • Complete documentation within the app.
  • Quick access to all your records.
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Platform is iphone
App category is Entertainment
Released on 18, December 2009
Created by Stephen Lennon
Current version is 1.2

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