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Soccer Team Stats : Made Simple

StatzSoccer is a free application and is available to users of This application allows Statzpack Soccer users to record live game data as they occur. At pitch-side you record actions as they occur with 1 to 3 screen touches. It’s quick and easy to use. The statistics you record are automatically uploaded to your account at So as well as adding your team and game data online, you can now add game data using this Application. Features include - Goals, Assists, Passes, Attempts on Goal, Free Kicks, Corners, Offsides and Cards. - Substitutions, player position changes and dismissals are all recorded. - Zonal recording for Free Kicks, Corner, Goals and Attempts on Goals. - Half and full time are presented on your iPod touch or iPhone for instant analysis and feedback to your players. - All your data is time-stamped – see when in the game things occur, look for trends and turning points. - New matches can be setup on the iPhone App or at - You can name your opposition, time, campaign, sport and venue of each game. - Match stats for your last 9 games are stored on your iPhone or iPod touch. - Will work with or without data network/WIFI coverage. The very first login must be made when connected to the internet, plus you must have also made an active login to the Statzpack website prior to using this App.

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Platform is iphone
App category is Sports
Released on 01, September 2009
Created by Statzpack
Current version is 1

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