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A tool to assist parents in managing their children's time-outs.

Time-Out is a count-down timer with alarm to assist parents in managing time-out for one or more children. Once the initial set-up of children's names and durations are complete, subsequent time-outs can be started with a single click.

Time-Out features the following

  • Up to four separate timers that can run concurrently
  • Customisable childrens names and durations, which are saved
  • Alarm on completion of each time-out timer

The iPhone currently prevents applications running in the background, so Time-Out cannot sound the alarm if it is closed. However if you change applications while one or more timers are running Time-Out will store the end-times for each timer, and continue on seamlessly when you return to the Time-Out application.

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Platform is iphone
App category is Utilities
Released on 12, January 2009
Created by OS3
Current version is 1.2

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