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Red Spiders

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An extremely simple game for time-wasting.

Red Spiders is a simple game. A vaguely randomly distributed set of boxes (where Sum(blocksize)< 4.0f && p.y=1.0f*screenSize.height*rand()/RAND_MAX/2+100.0f) appear onscreen, going some way towards preventing the inevitable descent of Red Spiders towards the ground. Your task is as follows:

  • Destroy as many of the Red Spiders as is humanely* possible by tapping them.
  • Become overwhelmed by the ultimate futility of all human achievement in the face of entropy (a tangential effect of playing the game)
  • Lapse into a zen-like catatonic and attempt to achieve nirvana (not currently enabled in this release)
Once finished, you can tweet your highscore, visit the wonderful and highly recommended webcomic, or GOTO 10
* For the purposes of this game, the definition of 'humanely' has been extended to include death involving a satisfying blood splat, and a rather less satisfying pop sound.

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Platform is iphone
App category is Games
Released on 01, January 2010
Created by Lmd64
Current version is 1.0

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