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I'm Sleepy

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Helps you drift off into a natural sleep.

I'm Sleepy is a iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad app designed to help you drift off into a natural sleep. This app is perfect for people living in noisy environments or just people who struggle to unwind. It does this by offering the following features : *) 10 Studio Quality Ambient sound effects such as : Weather, Nature & More *) A new take on count the sheep. I'm Sleepy offers a option to count balloons as they float up and away into the sky. These two things combined are an almost guaranteed way of relaxing your mind and helping you unwind and make your body ease and thus, making you drift off into a natural sleep. As someone myself who struggles to get to sleep, I initially designed this app to help myself sleep, and it has done wonders for my sleep!
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Platform is iphone
App category is Healthcare and Fitness
Released on 29, December 2011
Created by InfusedDreams
Current version is 1.2

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