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This app is on sale!

TheFuelApp has been retired and for Android is taking over to help you get the best price for your petrol and diesel throughout Ireland.

TheFuelApp for Ireland has been revamped and re-branded in the warm official green glow of!
*Get the nearest stations and price info to your current location
*Rank stations by distance or by price and in decreasing or increasing order
*See fuel trends at a glance
*Easily keep an eye on your frequently visited stations using your Watchlist (needs a account)
*Manually browse stations around Ireland by county.
*Use your Android phone to the fullest with Google Maps, Navigation, Streetview and Directions all a simple button press away.
*View station details including; -All fuel prices, and update time -Station facilities (ATM, toilet etc) -Location Map If you can, consider updating fuel prices also, it can all be done in the app.
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Platform is android
App category is Travel
Released on 07, June 2011
Created by Edwin Costello
Current version is 3.01

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