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Find Me Coffee

Find the best cup of speciality coffee near you!

It's happened us all, we're out in a new city and think, I'd love a good cup of coffee. You spot what you think is good looking coffee shop, but when your drink arrives... blurrrgh, too hot, under-extracted and just plain nasty, you'll not be back here!

Now you'll never have to suffer bad coffee again, with the power of the online speciality coffee community in your pocket. Covering Ireland, UK, USA and Canada, Find Me Coffee won’t show every coffee shop nearby, like other apps, instead we show you some of the world’s best coffee spots as rated by the community.

If you think all coffee tastes the same and is meant to be black, strong and bitter, think again, you’re about to have your eyes opened. You'll soon be sipping on that perfectly extracted espresso, heavenly textured milk, prepared by baristas that know and love the product they serve.

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Platform is iphone
App category is Travel
Released on 07, April 2009
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Current version is 0.2

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